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Fundy National Park Of Canada

Fundy National Park Of Canada

The world’s highest tides !

Fundy National Park is a national park of Canada located on the Bay of Fundy, near the village of Alma, New Brunswick. The Park showcases a rugged coastline which rises up to the Canadian Highlands, the highest tides in the world and more than 25 waterfalls !

Fundy National Park has 205.9 km2, renowned for its high tides averaging 9 m, stretches for 13 km along the Bay of Fundy and extends inland where wooded hills are cut by deep valleys and tumbling streams. The park’s seaward edge features wave-pounded cliffs and cobble beaches.

How many time to visit

It takes about an hour to drive the trail both ways, longer if you stop at the lookouts. It will take more than 90 minutes to drive from the trail to the ferry.

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