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Johnston Canyon

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Johnston Canyon

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Johnston Canyon is one of the most popular destinations in Banff National Park, and for good reason; it is a place of dramatic natural beauty accessible to most. It is particularly popular during the summer and at certain times of the winter. 

About 26 kilometers along the Bow Valley Parkway is the entrance with its two waterfalls. A trail leads through the canyon, with bridges along the steep cliff walls. The path continues on some six kilometers on the far side of the canyon. Two of these are striking because of the bluish-green color of the water.

Carved steeply into the limestone bedrock by thousands of years of water erosion, the dramatic Johnston Canyon is a breathtaking natural attraction in Banff National Park. Overhanging canyon walls, waterfalls, the deep pools of Johnston Creek, and lush forest are sure to leave a memorable impression. 

If you seek a more peaceful experience, try visiting Johnston Canyon during the spring and fall, or make the most of the long summer days by going in the early morning or mid evening.

Bow Valley Pkwy, Alberta

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