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Skyline Luge Mont Tremblant

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Skyline Luge Mont Tremblant

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The Skyline Luge Mont Tremblant track is a 1.4km downhill trail with twists and turns through the Laurentian forest, overlooking the beautiful Mont Tremblant.Skyline Luge Mont Tremblant is situated in the beautiful Laurentian mountains of Québec, Canada.

Navigate through the 24 corners, fun-filled ride on a 3-wheel cart using a unique braking and steering system that gives the rider full control. Summer fun starts here with the ride everyone’s talking about. Coming from New Zealand, the first summer luge in North America is awaiting you ! One of the most thrilling and unique Tremblant attractions ! 

Duration :   Approx. 7 minutes –  Buy directly on Mont-Tremblant site.


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1000 Ch. du Curé Deslauriers, Mont-Tremblant

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